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The Flight Watch Project is in stasis. We are seeking a development partner.
EFAS - En Route Flight Advisory Service
The Universal Flight Watch Frequency is 122.0 MHz
It seemed natural to name our company after the EFAS system, which is designed specifically to provide pilots with timely flight related data to increase flight safety. Flight Watch was invented to provide pertinent time related information to pilots, as well as international time management capability.
EFAS, also known as "Flight Watch", is available from 0600 to 2200 local time on frequency 122.0MHz. High altitude frequencies can be obtained from ARTCC's in route of flight. This service is specifically designed to provide, upon pilot request, timely current weather information pertinent to the type of flight, intended route of flight and altitude. Flight watch is dependent on pilot participation by soliciting and providing Pilot Weather Reports (PlREPS) within the flight watch area. This service is not intended to replace a Preflight Weather Briefing. The purpose of the EFAS position is to update your briefing while enroute. Communications with a flight watch station should be possible at altitudes of 5,000 feet and above throughout the conterminous United States. The radio call sign for the an EFAS station is "(City Name) Flight Watch". Upon initial call up, state the radio call sign for the EFAS station followed by your aircraft identification, and append the name of the nearest VOR to your position, i.e., "Miami Flight Watch, N3844D, 15 East of La Belle VOR". Federal Aviation Administration