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The Flight Watch Project is in stasis. We are seeking a development partner.
High Altitude EFAS Frequencies
High Altitude Flight Watch
Note: Some conflicts in published data have been noticed. Any freq. in () is a second freq on an official publication. Flight Watch is in process to resolve these issues with the FAA and publish the corrections.
For flights at 5,000 feet AGL to 17,500 MSL, contact Flight Watch on 122.0 anywhere in the conterminous U.S. and Puerto Rico from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Use the discrete EFAS frequencies below for flights at 18,000 through 45,000.
Contact Flight Watch by using the name of the ARTCC facility identification serving the area of your location, followed by:
Aircraft Identification
Aircraft Type
Current Altitude
Current Location, in relation to a NAVAID
Boston Flight Watch - ZBW - 133.925
New York Flight Watch - ZNY - 134.725
Washington Flight Watch - ZDC 134.525
Jacksonville Flight Watch - ZJX 134.175
Miami Flight Watch - ZMA 132.725
Cleveland Flight Watch - ZOB - 135.425
Indianapolis Flight Watch - ZID - 134.825
Atlanta Flight Watch - ZTL 135.475
Chicago Flight Watch - ZAU 134.875
Memphis Flight Watch - ZME 133.675
Minneapolis Flight Watch - ZMP 135.675
Kansas City Flight Watch - ZKC 128.475 (123.625)
Fort Worth Flight Watch - ZFW 133.775
Houston Flight Watch - ZHU 126.625
Salt Lake City Flight Watch - ZLC 133.025
Denver Flight Watch - ZDV 124.675
Albuquerque Flight Watch - ZAB 134.825 / 127.625
Seattle Flight Watch - ZSE 135.925
Oakland Flight Watch - ZOA 135.7
Los Angeles Flight Watch - ZLA 135.9
Honolulu ZHN
San Juan ZSU
Guam ZUA

Map of High Altitude EFAS Frequencies and AFSS Locations http://www.abqafss.jccbi.gov/efas.htm